Ostia is about 20 Km from Rome and was born as a military camp and developed then in the ’ Imperial age as the main port used all wheat supply ’.
The name comes from the Latin "ostium" that is located at the mouth or the mouth of the Tiber River.

Departure/Return Civitavecchia
Departure hour Among the 8:15 Am and 9:15 AM.
Backward Around the 5:30 PM.
Clothing Comfortable, recommended sneakers and sunglasses
Driver in English Driver with car
1 hours of free time
Not Included
Supplied clothing


La Necropoli

The oldest is the one located on the Via Ostiense.

They were found tombs dating from 50 D.C.. The second century d.c.

Along the way you can admire the tombs of two twin tombs linked.

the Forum

It was the main city square.

Admire the Decumanus Maximus and the temple dedicated to the city's triad.

Access to wagons was prevented , the road leading to the port prowled the Decumano.

The term

For Ostia there are four important spas, built in the second century d.c..

Baths of Neptune

Forum Baths

Baths of the Seven Sages

Terme della Marciana


The monument most famous of Ostia.

Fù built by Agrippa and later expanded in the fourth century.

As usual social hierarchy established the seats.

E’ You can admire statues and beautiful mosaics depicting seafaring adventures.


They were the homes of the Roman privileged class.

The site includes about twenty domus which have in common the same architectural characteristics, column, decorations, marble and statues.

Some had private baths and heated rooms.

From April to October

1-4 people € 350
5-6people € 375
7-8 people € 400
children from 0 – 3 years Free

From November to March

1-4 people € 250
5-6 people 275€
7-8 people 300€
children from 0 – 3 years Free

The maximum capacity of the car is 8 adults + 2 Children under 3 years